Does your hair catch fire every time you need support from SAP? Are you confident that you know how to get support when you need it? Are you still stuck in the traditional email format of incident processing?

Regardless of your deployment scenario, and for whatever issues arise, a cornerstone of SAP Support is mission-critical support that gives you the attention you need at the speed you expect. Through mission-critical support, SAP Support accelerates problem resolution for productive system incidents and critical projects, minimizes business disruption, reduction of unforeseen downtime, and reduces financial impact of support issues.

Key takeaways:

  • Empower yourself with the awareness and utilization of the latest and best SAP tools. It doesn’t have to be a slow and difficult process.
  • Log tickets (and get responses) quickly and easily. Experience efficient incident processing.
  • Fully understand the support process, so you’re clear on exactly what to expect in different situations.


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  • Dilshad Mehta, Senior Maintenance Customer Engagement Executive, SAP